A post that is in line with Rants– the previous entry

June 17, 2012 by  | 2 Comments

I did the right thing, so I am very happy right now.

On June 14, 2012, Levin (my youngest brother) and I had a chance to talk about the “ring incident”. I initiated the conversation, asking him if he heard some neighbor gossips about it. “Wala naman“, he said. He then talked about the sentiments of our other neighbors. “Tinamaan ng bola yung paso ni Ate. ” “Si Kuya din. Naiistorbo yung mga umiigib sa kanilaTumatama yung bola dun sa balde na puno ng tubig kaya kailangang palitan.” Huh, it turned out that I wasn’t the only one who got enraged by this incident. The hammering marked a closure not only for me, but also for them. Oh, you might wonder who the owner was. No idea. I don’t want to dig into that. I just want him or her to observe this overlooked trait: RESPECT. Case closed.

So, what makes that incident empowering? Yes, I got really really mad, but I was able to control it. The next morning, I got the hammer. And with the help of Yzel, my other brother, we removed that ring. Instead of bad-mouthing, I wrote a letter and attached it to the ring, stating the sound reasons why I decided to remove it. This event motivated me to FIGHT for my rights. Again, case closed.


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