posted June 13, 2012 by jmj 

Noises here and there. D**n the annoying sound of the bouncing ball and the screaming people! These happened just outside the house. Needless to say, I was in the comfort of our home writing a history paper for a school. I wanted to concentrate. I wanted focus. But how could I get some? It was just soooo annoying.

So, who’s the culprit here? Someone placed a basketball ring outside; too bad, that he/she had it in the premises of our house. We are the only ones living in the house, and I am the oldest Jenabe here. How could I let that happen?

Man or woman, I understand that we both live in this squatters’ area or setting, I should say. Despite the living conditions that we have, please, please don’t ever ever forget to respect other people. The simple act of putting that b****s**t ring means that you are getting into our property. What would you feel if I do the same thing in your house without your permission?

I am glad that I did the right thing. Yes, I was the one who got the hammer and removed that ring. I even left a note to it. I don’t want an eskandalosa fight. I want a good fight. By now, you have read through the note. By now, you get a better understanding of why I did that thing. I, for one, admit that there is a wrong part in that right thing since I haven’t gotten your permission. My apologies for that. On the other hand, if you decide to do the same thing again, then, I’ll give you some good fight. I am ready for it.

The act of venting these rants through writing marks the end of these. I don’t want to spend my day with these negative thoughts. I want a bright day for all of us. Let’s have ONE.


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