Automatic Escalators: Be Wary!


I was about to attend church last Sunday. Since it was located on the fifth floor, I needed to take the escalator. As I went further to the fifth floor, it was clear to me that the escalator going up wasn’t working. There was no other convenient way to get there, so I walked on it. To my surprise, however, it started working after I took a few steps. Panic kicked in, prompting me to immediately grasp the handrail. Good thing that I got in safe! This automatic escalator incident really scared me! While this energy-saving effort is quite commendable, it could have been better for them (the ones responsible for automatic escalators) to inform people regarding its implications. For instance, they can post a note instructing people to hold the handrails while taking the escalator. This way, unwanted falls and other similar incidents are prevented.


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