Something’s special with this verb, huh? I must admit that this is the first advice from *Da when I got really puzzled as to why someone is so comfortable in sharing those intimate details to a complete stranger like me. Seeing this predicament, she told me to enjoy (what?). Hmmm the budding friendship, I assume. That short convo via text somehow has offered me relief. In a similar vein, Jo gave me that “enjoy lang the moments” note upon that surprising happening, which, by the way, is still is to this day. An, on the other hand, had the same words for me as she typed that “enjoy mo lang” earlier this month. Oddly enough, this verb is also repeatedly highlighted in our conversations, be it a opening note, a reminder, or just as it is.

From the receiver’s standpoint (that’s me), I think it would be best to remind myself to make this verb EXPERIENTIAL for my part. That’s just it. For sure, my friends know the exact context where I’m in, and that’s what I’d like to remind myself. XOXOXO  

*To protect the privacy of my friends, I use initials for their names.   


One comment on “Enjoy

  1. […] you were able to read Enjoy, you’d notice that I used the initials of my friends (Da, An, and Jo specifically). I just […]

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