On Naming and Privacy

If you were able to read Enjoy, you’d notice that I used the initials of my friends (Da, An, and Jo specifically). I just posted my 2013 highlights yesterday and found out that I used their full first names instead without considering the concern I raised early on. 

The latter was an unconscious effort as it flowed just as natural as it was. I call my friends with their names (phonetically speaking, names are the only sound that goes with the person over and over and over and over and over again).       

As with using the initials for their names, I did it on Enjoy to protect their privacy. Careful considerations, however, made me think that those initials made this blog sound like dystopian novels or any works of that kind. MalaAgent X44, eh? 

With this, I think it’s best to use their first names instead. It wouldn’t hurt and still is protecting their privacy (unless if I opt to write their full names HAHAHA). 

Names (first names specifically) are to be used when referring to specific people; that’s just it. 🙂 


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