History of San Isidro Elementary School

The beginnings of San Isidro Elementary School date back to the first formal education classes that were conducted to serve the Dumagat community in Sitio Karahume, San Isidro, San Jose del Monte City. Mrs. Milagros Duran was the first mobile teacher assigned in the area; she taught basic literacy and numeracy skills to women, children, and out-of-school youth twice a week in year 2000. There was no available school building, so their classes were held under the shade of trees. Seeing the positive outcomes of the program and the need for basic education, the community leaders requested the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) to put up a school there.

NCIP then asked Governor Josefina Dela Cruz’ office to send a provincial-paid teacher in Karahume. Thus, in May 2002, Mrs. Thelma Jenabe was assigned in the area. This development was made possible by Governor Josefina Dela Cruz, DepEd Regional Director  Dr. Vilma Labrador and City Schools Superintendent Dr. Edna Zerrudo.  From a two-day class per week, the students were taught five days a week in an unused day care building. The non-graded classes were designed to further implement BNFE’s (Bureau of Non-Formal Education) basic literacy program.  In line with this, its officials often visited the place to ensure proper implementation and assessment of the program.

In August 2002, because of the school proposal submitted by Dr. Edna Zerrudo, BNFE Region III visited Karahume to assess the feasibility of constructing a school building. With the area’s growing population, they saw the need to build a school. This then prompted the approval of that proposal last September 2002. However, the community could not provide a titled piece of land since their place was part of their ancestral domain. Fortunately, several people supported the project.  Mr. Apolunio Balagtas offered 1000 square meters of land for the school building and Mr. Gregorio Araneta III donated 1.2 million pesos for the construction of six classrooms and two toilets. Moreover, through the collective efforts of Brgy. Captain Lope Oliveros, Sonia Marie Oliveros, Victoria Del Monte and other barangay officials and supportive entities, the construction of the school building started in January 2003. Four months later, the school building was inaugurated and officially named as San Isidro Elementary School, leading to its first operation last June 2003.

After its first operation, more classrooms were constructed.  In 2005, Alfredo Aquino donated 1000 square meters of land for two new classrooms. The construction was funded by Congressman Eduardo V. Roquero. Two years later, Alfredo Aquino donated 1000 square meters of land again. The recent land donation, together with Mayor Angelito Sarmiento’s assistance, led to the establishment of the SarmientoBuilding which housed four new classrooms and two toilets.  In 2007, two more DepEd funded classrooms were constructed. Finally, in February 12, 2012, the construction of two classrooms started and is still ongoing. This latest project was assisted by Governor Wilhemino Sy-Alvarado.  In a nutshell, these developments show how several people and government agencies have worked together for the establishment and improvement of SIES. Indeed, the school’s physical foundation has helped in serving the educational needs of the students since its founding 9 years ago. 

**drafted June 26, 2012


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