On What’s The Worthy Purpose

I’ve been out from the academe for five years before I got in to grad school, so I’ve had a hard time writing my first paper. Oddly enough, I’ve worked in the writing field since I graduated from college. Yes, too bad I just let myself be absorbed with my work and not doing something to write something new and do something that will further improve my writing. So, for the most recent Christmas break, I decided to go writing…and blogging again here after a three-month or so hiatus. I wish to have that writing momentum again. It takes time and practice as cliche would have it (LOL). I think it holds true. Yes, that’s coming from a not-so-fan-of-cliche like me.

NOW is the time to write again…At times, I just need to write what’s in my mind to keep the ideas flowing. Actually, what you’re reading right now are purely my raw thoughts. HAHAHA That’s without considering grammar convention, the much needed content, and the like. I’m giving myself a break with this activity, so it’s time to loosen up and be like any random thingy out there. That’s just it. So, what can you expect here? hmmm The list include UBER RAW THOUGHTS, GRAMMAR SLIPS, PUNCTUATION SLIPS, and the like. While I say that you expect these outrageous mistakes, rest assured that I’m not here to overthrow syntax and any rules of a particular language particularly English (since that’s the primary language used in this blog). Take this as a conscious mental exercise. Again, like what I’ve said earlier, that’s just it.

So, the worthy purpose is to write and practice writing again. 🙂 


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