2014’s First Quarter in Photos









joined Stox+ and finished the race bagging the 16th place last February (photo by MECO)






experienced what it felt like to be working in a TV production team last March. Thanks to our prof, Viv, and my other classmates for this fun “first”. 






lunched with B210 people for the first preproduction meeting of Luwal at ROC in UP Bahay ng Alumni (photo by Father Mike)



screenshot of Stox+ Ranking as of Feb 23 (photo by MECO)








first ever application of the rule of thirds. Yeah! 







B210 people after the TV production activity in the class (photo by Marga)









first think paper in C241 





Tolkien’s Day @ Joy’s place (photo by Aira) 







fave quote (ps. I forgot where I got this photo. If you do know the source, please let me know so I can cite it here)






STOX+ Orientation @ Ateneo (photo by MECO)


2 comments on “2014’s First Quarter in Photos

  1. nikkaaenima says:

    been wanting to do this, pero tinatamad ako pero dahil sa post mo, namotivate ako lol.

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