Thankful Still!






It felt like all the crap in the world fell last July 3rd. As I was into selfies at that time, I could clearly how my skin changed right after dinner. The first selfie was taken before dinner, and the next one was taken after. The headache, palpitations, and all the sick feelings kicked in right after the dinner. Unfortunately, I was the only one left in our house, our place was flooded due to heavy rains on that night, and my youngest brother will be back by midnight due to the crazy traffic brought about by the rain and the flood.

I managed to call my brother and asked if I’d be dead in a couple of hours (I still can’t believe why I came up with such a question). With his assurance that I’d be okay, he then instructed me to eat sugar and drink Sprite. And boom! I did what’s being told, and I felt better.


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