*From the Netherlands!


I have no material to write about, so I’ve decided to look for a photo and talk about it instead. I browsed through my Facebook wall and saw my cover photo– here it is. Annie posted this photo, along with the others, and tagged me in. I felt excited when I saw it. For one, it felt that I myself has gone to this place, considering that Annie has been there already. Yes, I always have that feeling whenever she has flights to my dream cities. She had been to Zurich, Switzerland, and there– in that part of the Netherlands where the fields of tulips and other flowers are blooming.  For another, it’s my dream. That’s just it; no further explanation.  See the flowers? It looks like they are just a dream away that one can never experience. But it’s there, in reality. I’m pretty sure Annie had a full experience  of them and am so excited to experience/see, touch, hear, smell, and taste them as well. Oh, the blooms!



Hello again!

Cheers! I already figured out the username and password for this blog. So sad to think that I did forget how to open this gem once more.  As far as I can remember, my last post was just last December 2016 and we’re already in mid-June 2017.

Bibo just came back!

Ugh. Bibo went missing since Tuesday and I’ve cried ever since when I thought of our baby nimbler. I had no idea where he went, what he ate, and where he was. Did another person get him? Did the other cats in the ghetto fight against him, and that he was heavily wounded?

So many ideas came running in my head and so many tears flowed from my eyes. It was just frustrating to go home without this welcoming nimbler.

Not now, though. Our little nimbler is finally back. I shouted his name when I heard a cat’s cry. I then saw him rushing through our neighbor’s roof.

Sigh of relief. I’m overjoyed to see him again home.

I truly miss this blog!

Despite my reservations and due to her persistence, I gave out this blog’s url to Jewel earlier just before. Reserved, for one, because only a few people know this blog, 3 or 4 of closest friends to be exact. Then again, I gave up because of her persistence. 🙂

This blog has been non-existent for a couple of years (after our desktop pc stopped working sometime last year and after I left Olympus, the third floor of our house which is my uncle’s place. He’s back, so it was time to leave.)

That, in effect, prompted me to go online and write this short note. Oh how I miss this. I miss writing, this blog.

I am back.

Writefully yours,

Wanting to baby (yes, I baby stuff like this LOL) a new blog and not wanting to leave The Worthy Purpose have given some sort of a dilemma. Haha! I want a new one-where I can unleash the crazy, raw, and candid writer in me. But how about the efforts I’ve done for this blog for the past hmmm 2 years? Waaaa

In any case, remember:


Why (?)

Why is it that I keep on dreaming of you when, in fact, I want to dream about someone else and reading through Moore’s Care for the Soul did reawaken my love for archetypal psychology, and that has prompted me to analyze my dreams, and I don’t dream that often, but when I do, it’s about you and it’s emotion-laden, and from the feel of it, it’s of regret–much like the scenario when one cries over (a) spilled milk but oddly enough, that aura came from you when I saw you crying in my dreams twice in a row, but just recently, it was me who cried, and I was the one yearning for your attention, so why is it that I keep on dreaming of you when, in fact, I want to dream about someone else and I’ve forgotten you?


I can’t even figure out what’s happening to me right now. Some sort of inactivity has kicked in earlier. Where did it all spring from? Was it because I’ve been sick and coughing and sneezing every now and then since Monday?